Dog attack

I just got attacked by a dog on the streets of Arequipa! Me! One of the greatest dog lovers of modern times. The sneaky little – or rather large – shit ran up behind me and grabbed hold of my foot. The next thing I knew I could feel teeth through my, thank god, quite thick shoes. A nearby doorman ran over and shouted at it which thankfully shocked it into letting go. It turned to face me. Miranda vs large dog. I did the only thing I could think of and let fly at it, shouting and clapping at it, making myself appear as large, aggressive and fearless as I could – in the circumstances. It considered its options for a second or two then decided this angry English harridan was not worth the risk and started to back off. But it was keen to have another go so I must have made an entertaining spectacle for any innocent bystanders as I made my progress down the street shouting and running at it until it eventually let me pass. Thank god I grew up with dogs and know how much they hate direct eye contact. I didn’t let that nasty mutt out of my sights until it was entirely cowed, tail between its legs, and I was safely round the corner. I am now ensconced in a cafe with a restorative coffee. Miranda 1, Peruvian dog 0.

Posts about my recent adventures on Lake Titicaca to follow. 


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