Beware the ‘party hostel’

I have made the mistake of booking into a ‘party hostel’, two words which make me want to pack my bags and run to the other end of La Paz. Loki Hostel was recommended by a number of friends who failed to mention those two dreaded words. Party hostels are like being forced to relive freshers week all over again. No thanks. I did it once. I bared my gums, pretended to be hugely confident, drank on demand and was charming, asking the same questions over and over again, to lots of people I didn’t know or care about for a whole week back in 2004 before collapsing in a miserable hungover heap. I have no desire to do it again so soon. 

However, I am only here one night so I am sure I can grin and bear it for that long. And you never know, perhaps I might even enjoy it… 

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