Blame the wifi

Okay, two things:

First. Never trust a friendly Argentine shopkeeper over distances. I was assured the centre of Bariloche from the bus station was a mere kilometre or so and all downhill so I would be fine with my MASSIVE backpack. “Esta bien!” He nodded encouragingly with a smile.
It was about four kilometres which when carrying a bag about the same weight as myself felt like about 400.
One particularly non-discriminate truck driver had the audacity to wolf whistle at me as I walked hunched against the wind like a human snail. I have never considered the leggings, walking boots and backpack look particularly sexy, but whatever flicks your switch.
So anyway, that little melodrama over I have made it here to the hostel after a 28 hour bus journey – more of that later.

Secondly. I have not been able to upload anything since El Calafate due to the pitiful wifi connections so am now going to have to post a couple of entries in retrospect. I am sure this is forgivable in the circumstances.

Hope everyone is well.
*smiley face*


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