The Glaciar Perito Moreno

Imagine a wall of ice, 150 feet high and glowing from within.
Imagine staring up at its jagged surface, tortured with deep crevasses and sharp peaks and hemmed in by dark and silent mountains on all sides.
Imagine this icy giant looming over you as it creaks and grinds its way majestically towards the lake in which your small boat sits bobbing like a rubber duck.
Imagine being hypnotised by its deep blue folds as your eyes explore its glistening surface stretching five kilometres between the steep rocky slopes.
This is the Perito Moreno glaciar, a work of art more beautiful than any human hand could produce.
Fed by two other rivers of ice which join to produce this miracle of nature, the glaciar runs about 14km down the valley feeding into the clear waters of the Lago Argentina
It is one of the fastest moving glaciars in the world so that even as I stood there silently bewitched by its magnitude, my reverie was broken by a noise like the crack of thunder as a chunk wrenched itself free of the glaciar’s frozen grip and flung itself 100 feet into the waiting waters below.
El Calafate is a long way from anywhere and is not a place to linger but for this, I would travel to the ends of the earth – which I virtually have.


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